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Aerials of Greensburg Tornado Damage
See what destruction tornados can leave:

Bush visits Ala. school struck by deadly tornado

Just like portable buildings with, short life span, high maintenance, energy hungry buildings.
No need to float a bond issue. Arrange lease, order, build, pay off lease (5, 10, 20 or more years), own.
Move from need to occupancy in much less time.



Questions follow disaster that killed 8 students; 12 others also lose lives ap_logo.jpg
Updated: 7:50 p.m. CT March 3, 2007

ENTERPRISE, Ala. - On a mournful mission, President Bush climbed over piles of concrete, roofing, insulation, broken glass and textbooks Saturday that littered Enterprise High School, battered by a tornado that killed eight students.

Down hallway three, lined by blue lockers, he went in private, the corridor where the students died and scores more were trapped in Thursday's storm. The president also saw the wing "now just rubble" where students had hunkered down as the tornado approached.

"Today I have walked through devastation that is hard to describe," he said, standing with students, one of whom had a tear running down her face. "Our thoughts go out to the students who perished. Thank God for hundreds who lived," he said.

If the Enterprise High School which was hit by tornadoes on March 1st 2007 would have had the following type of building, 8 students would still be alive.

How safe are the children in your school buildings?

If you could influence the type of structure that you may build in the future, what would be some of the major considerations in the type of structure?
  • Safety?
  • Long life?
  • More building for the dollar?
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance?
  • Open design options (no interior supports}?
  • A structure that could serve as a community emergency shelter?
As a school board member, I feel people ought to know about a construction method that can provide SAFE, energy efficient (Energy Star Rated), low maintenance, open design opportunities, and long life buildings to house our schools.

As I attended the National School Boards Association Annual Conference in 2005 and 2007. I moved about the commercial exhibits at the National School Boards Association Conference in 2005 and 2007, I asked people, at each booth at which "Architectural Design" firms were touting their expertise in school architectural design and engineering, if they were aware of monolithic type construction or monolithic dome construction.

Without fail, no one indicated more than a brief awareness of domes, such as Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome design. Not one spokesperson indicated any knowledge of a technology that has been proven in the United States, as well as worldwide, over the last 30+ years, a technology that produces structures FEMA has judged as virtually indestructible. Structures that offer almost absolute protection from natural and manmade disasters.

In 2008, most "Architectural Design" firms expressed the same opinion, however, Dome Technology did have a display booth.

When I ask people what is the most important consideration in considering a new school building, without fail, parents say SAFETY!
  • These buildings are:
  • Tornado Proof,
  • Earthquake proof,
  • have Type II fire rating (almost fire-proof)
  • have Lower initial cost (and shorter construction time),
  • Lower operating cost, and have a
  • Life span measured in centuries rather than in decades.  AND
  • Energy savings can pay for the building in 20 or fewer years!

 Dome Builders:

Dome Architects and Designers

Dome Engineers

South Industries, Inc.
Phone (208) 754-4422 Fax (208) 754-4433
Email: info@southsinc.com

Dome Technology Inc.
Call us:
Telephone: 1 208 529 0833
Toll free: 1 800 252 4078

Maurice Dubois - Dome Builder

Address: Future Dome Corporation
P.O. Box 2313 Cedar Hill, TX 75106-2313
Office: (972) 299-2233
FAX: (972) 291-8095
EMail: 08MDBmail.jpg
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Maurice Dubois - (972) 814-7391
John Dubois - (214) 418-4829

For a little history, check out these links:
See: the Pantheon - (built about 125 AD) and
the Florence Cathedral - (dome completed in 1418)

For examples, pictures, and an informational document Download these PDF files.
School Buildings - http://www.monolithic.com/gallery/schools/schoolpak.pdf (45 pgs)
Sports and Arenas - http://www.monolithic.com/gallery/sports/arena-both.pdf (33 pgs)

Please investigate the information in the various links on this page.


Please view this 16 minute video to see what a school superintendent has to say about choosing and working in a SAFE, durable, economical school structure.

Grand Meadow ISD Video

The superintendent in the Grand Meadow video has moved to another district, however the current superintendent, Mr. Joseph Brown Sr., invites anyone interested to come visit the school and see why they have a growing student population. Mr Brown said they are easy to get to from anywhere. (2008-06 gg)

Monolithic Domes Related Article in Environmental Design + Construction
by Carol Lanham,       March 3, 2008
Back in 2001, the winter heating bill for Grand Meadow School in Minnesota averaged about $28,000 a month. The following year, officials built a new type of green school that purportedly would save as much as 50 percent on heating and cooling costs.   - more-

I have had spokespersons for design and engineering firms tell me that this type of construction just won't work for schools.

Please take note - Risky Business: Hiring an Architect by: David South.  Please inspect this point by point answer to most talking points about why this type of construction will not work at:
Monolithic Dome Schools: The Defense Rests http://static.monolithic.com/gallery/schools/defense/index.html

Grand Meadow Public Schools Update. - District page about the building - http://www.gm.k12.mn.us/domeschools.htm
View in Google Earth at: 43°42'35.26"N, 92°33'43.55"W

Valley R-VI District - District Page http://www.valley.k12.mo.us
Steve Yount, superintendent, invites all to come visit some safe, green school buildings, about 45 miles west of I55 (2008-06 gg).

Emmett High School - District page http://www.emmett-hs.groupfusion.net
The first Monolithic School Building. Many improvements have been made in school building design, but the current superintendent said this school building is the most energy efficient in the state. (2008-06 gg)
View in Google Earth at:  43°51'51.55"N, 116°30'31.96"W

Bishop Nevins Academy - School home page http://www.stmarthaschool.net
View in Google Earth at:  27°20'9.14"N, 82°28'54.50"W

Frontier Elementary School - School page - http://www.pusd.k12.az.us/fes/index.php?
Not visible on Google Earth due to low resolution in rural area.
mrg_2007-01-22.jpg A parent, educator, and school board member.
George Gallman
4414 Heath Drive
Baker, LA 40714
(225) 774-3831 (home)
(225) 892-5021 (mobile)
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Please free to contact me if you would like to learn more of what I know on this topic.
Member: City of Baker School Board, District 3 (third 4 year term)
Graduate: Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA: 1983, BS.
Louisiana teaching certificate:
B 059598 - 04/08/1987 - Life, Valid
Verify a teaching certificate - (via Teach Louisiana)
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Homes, They cost about the same per square foot as conventional construction, but much greater fire and vermin resistant, lower operating cost, longer life, tornado proof, and lower heating and cooling cost (easier to get off the grid). Add LED lighting and save even more!
Learn about Dome of a Home
More about Dome of a Home. http://www.monolithic.com/domenews/2005/dennis.html
Commercial Applications

Examples of:
Government Buildings, More secure, Lower Initial Cost, Lower Total Cost of Ownership, No Evacuation Required -
Fire Station,
Antiterrorism Buildings,

Church Buildings -(Construct a real sanctuary)

Surviving Hurricanes and Tornadoes

New Life Family Church: Now the second tallest building in Biloxi - September 15, 2005

Caring for the survivors of natural disasters in the developing nations Domes for the World

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